About Dinah's

Well Hello!

 Dinah’s Beach Shack is a place where you can find handmade homewares that remind you of your best days down the coast. 

My Grandmother was a strong woman who worked hard her whole life and spent her days off outdoors.  As a child she taught me to love the ocean and rivers, and the big strong majesty of trees.  My memories with her are hiking on trails, rolling our pants legs up at the water’s edge, and cooking over a fire. Those are the important times where you connect with the moment and environment around you.

 As an adult, I appreciate her strength, courage, and determination.  She spent most of her career working at for a hotel which had a restaurant called Dinah’s Shack.  When I wanted to created a Beach Shack vibe, and a ceramics label, I knew I would have to tap in to that determination and hard work my grandmother always had. She inspired so much in me and I hope to be just as nature connected, stubborn, and resolved as she always was.

 A life by the sea, making functional ware from the land under my feet.  I am so lucky to spend my days physically and mentally in a creative space. 

  Australian Made

 Our ceramics begin when the clay they are made from is scooped right out of this island we call home.

-Supplies bought from the amazing local supplier Clay Commune. 

 -Fired in an Aussie made Tetlow kiln using Red Energy, a completely Aussie owned power company.